Press Releases
22 April 2021 Sphirra Launches
Sphirra launches the morning of April 20th with transactions occurring within minutes, on tight TTF and German baseload markets, following strong industry support as more customers continue to join the platform. See full press release
17 March 2021 Sphirra Sets Launch Date
We are excited to announce the system go live date of 20th April, 2021. See full press release
01 October 2020 Sphirra Trading Platform adds 42 Financial Services
Sphirra is delighted to announce that 42 Financial Services, a leading broker of Central and Eastern European energy products, have signed on to the Sphirra Trading Platform. See full press release
07 July 2020 Sphirra Trading Platform Launch with BGC
Sphirra is pleased to announce that BGC Brokers signed up to the Sphirra Trading Platform to offer European gas, power, coal and emissions market services. See full press release